Laser Dentistry and How it Can Help You

Laser Dentistry and How it Can Help You

RB Dental Excellence is proud to offer FDA-approved laser dentistry in San Diego.

What is laser dentistry? It’s the opportunity for our patients to enjoy more conservative, less invasive procedures and faster healing times. Lasers are useful for everything from fillings and teeth whitening to treating gum disease and tongue ties.

What Is The Medical Application For A Laser In Dentistry?

Lasers for dental treatment are very safe and effective, even for patients with advanced medical needs. They are an option that offers gentler care and improved treatment outcomes. Lasers are safe for all ages and able to be used on both hard (tooth enamel) and soft (gingival) tissues inside of the mouth.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is considered a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical or drilling techniques. Laser dentistry is safer for the surrounding tissues because it uses a small beam of light energy to provide more conservative procedures on the tooth or gum tissues. Most noticeably, lasers reduce bleeding during soft tissue surgery as the tissues are slightly cauterized during the procedure. No sutures are required either. Lasers “jump start” your healing so you can return to your regular routine in no time. In turn, inflammation and swelling are also reduced, providing an easier recovery with little to no discomfort.

How Big A Part Do Lasers Play In Dentistry?

Laser dentistry can be used in many different dental procedures. These are just a few of the laser treatments you might want to consider:

Gingival Recontouring/Gummy Smile Treatments: Gum reshaping can easily be completed with a laser, rather than more invasive surgical techniques. Our cosmetic dentists are able to adjust the gumlines with a soft tissue laser in a matter of minutes. The best part is that the results can be seen immediately, unlike more complicated procedures, which require a longer healing time. Gingival reduction can be used for both cosmetic and therapeutic reasons, such as crown prep treatment or management of gum disease.

Correcting a Tongue Tie or Lip Tie: A tongue or lip tie can affect a baby’s ability to nurse or speech development in young children. Traditional treatments are a bit more invasive and can be painful for the patient. Laser therapy allows us to perform a frenectomy or tongue tie treatment without having to physically cut into the tissue. There is less bleeding and inflammation, making it more comfortable for the child.

Teeth Whitening: We use laser-accelerated same-day whitening products for fast results that are gentle on teeth. This type of bleaching process accelerates the oxidation of stain particles from teeth. It instantly leaves whiter, brighter enamel. The typical visit takes about one and a half hours from start to finish.

Drill-Free Fillings: Yes, you can use dental lasers to prepare teeth for fillings. A special laser can be used to remove decayed areas and shape the surrounding tooth structure for fillings. These minimally invasive treatments usually don’t even need local anesthesia (numbing). The key to qualifying for drill-free laser fillings is to catch cavities as soon as they occur. They’re best for smaller cavities.

Tissue Removal or Biopsies: Instead of cutting away tissue for biopsy or removal purposes, a laser can be used to reduce discomfort and efficiency during the procedure. The laser cauterizes tissue immediately surrounding the area being biopsied. This increases comfort for the patient by reducing swelling and decreasing bleeding.

Periodontal Therapy: Some dentists may recommend the use of soft tissue lasers to treat pockets that are compromised by active periodontitis (especially if the condition is moderate to severe.) Patients with periodontal infections can benefit from this treatment when combined with their deep cleaning, as it reduces bacterial levels and helps stabilize oral health. Additionally, periodontal treatments such as crown lengthening help create areas around teeth that are easier to clean and maintain between checkups.

Laser Dentistry in San Diego, Rancho Bernardo

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