The Importance of Regular Checkups and Cleanings

The Importance of Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Keeping your gums and teeth healthy is probably the last thing on your mind between work and social activities. However, being prudent about your dental health and wellness is beneficial for not only your smile but your overall health. A proactive approach to dental care is known as preventative dentistry and includes dental cleanings in Rancho Bernardo area practices. Dr. Lozano and his team at RB Dental Excellence are here to help you and your family achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. He is one of many dentists in Rancho Bernardo who stress the importance of getting regular checkups, cleanings, and x-rays to maintain the smile.

Why are regular cleanings and checkups recommended?

Many dental conditions can be treated easily and affordably when they are found in the early stages. Ignoring a dental problem can only cause it to become worse and, unfortunately, more expensive and damaging. When patients visit their dentist every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association, any conditions that might be developing can be found and addressed as soon as possible. This includes infection, disease, or decay.

What happens during a routine visit and dental cleanings in Rancho Bernardo area dental practices?
Here are the services that are included in routine visits to RB Dental Excellence:

  • X-rays – if it’s been a while since you’ve had dental x-rays done, or if you’re a new patient, you will have these completed during your visit. Dental x-rays allow the dental team to visualize what is happening beneath the gum line and inside of the teeth—areas that cannot be spotted during a physical examination.
  • Gum evaluation – the dental hygienist will also evaluate the gums. A unique tool is utilized to measure the space that exists between the gum tissue and the teeth. These “’pockets” should be small and shallow. Patients who have gingivitis or gum disease will have deeper, more oversized pockets, which is a concern. Pockets are where bacteria can remain and thrive, increasing the infection in the smile.
  • Dental cleaning – dental cleanings, or “oral prophylaxis,” are a part of a routine dental visit. The dental hygienist will use advanced tools and instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. Sometimes, scaling may be needed to remove tartar that can be rather hard. The teeth are polished with a gritty paste, and flossing is done to complete the process.
  • Oral cancer screening – oral cancer is just as serious as any other cancer of the body, but many patients do not know to screen for symptoms. During an evaluation, our team will look for swelling, redness, or patches of white or red that might be a sign of cancer. Lumps and growths in the oral cavity may also be evaluated to determine if they are cancerous. If any area of concern exists, a biopsy may be completed to test the sample at a laboratory to look for cancer cells.
  • Education – if there are any areas of concern, including poor oral hygiene, our team educates you on how to properly brush and floss. Patients may also be prescribed certain kinds of toothpaste or mouthwashes to use if they have specific issues such as dry mouth or gum disease.

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If you are long overdue for a dental checkup, Rancho Bernardo area dentist, Dr. Lozano, is here to provide you with the care you need in a judgment-free zone. With his office’s help, many patients can restore their oral health and maintain it with a team they trust and respect. At RB Dental Excellence, we strive to offer the best in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for new and established patients in the community. Call (858) 485-0707 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation and cleaning with our team. We are located at 16959 Bernardo Center Drive in Suite #103 and accept new patients.

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