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What are the reasons why patients choose dental implants for tooth replacement?

There are several advantages to using dental implants to restore the smile. Dental implants near you:

  • Restore patient confidence
  • Restore and enhance the facial tissues and contours
  • Support a range of prosthetics, including dentures and bridges
  • Resolve bite problems and joint pain that can occur without tooth replacement
  • Replace one or more teeth in a row without affecting surrounding teet

How do I speak to a dental implant specialist in the Rancho Bernardo area?

San Diego, CA area patients who are curious about dental implants and want to find out if they are proper candidates for this treatment can contact the office of RB Dental Excellence to schedule a consultation appointment and evaluation. The office is located at 16959 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite #103 and can be reached by phone at (858) 485-0707

Dental Implants in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego

Dental implants are an excellent way for patients in San Diego, CA to replace missing teeth. Additionally, they are a solution that provides a fixed prosthetic and eliminates the need for removable partial dentures or complete, full dentures. Dental implants provide patients with excellent support and stability for their dental appliances or utilize a dental crown for replacing a single tooth that looks and functions as a natural tooth once did.

Dental implants are artificial roots that are made of titanium, a biocompatible metal commonly used in the human body. They are surgically placed in the lower or upper jaw by a periodontist and restored over the abutment using various restorations from our dental team. These tooth replacement options are durable, strong, and will last many years with proper care, though some patients may need routine tightening or replacement from normal wear.

What is the process of obtaining a dental implant Near you instead of in Rancho Bernardo?

The process to place dental implants requires numerous visits over several months. First, patients are evaluated to determine if they are a good fit for dental implants. This requires digital x-rays and impressions that are taken to determine if there is enough gum tissue, bone, and space to put an implant. A surgical appointment is scheduled to place the implant into the bone, and patients will wait up to six months for the bone to wrap around the implant and hold it firmly in place. This integration step is essential as it is what keeps the implant into the jaw for long-term restoration.

Once the area is properly healed, restorations that will be placed over the abutment of the implant are made and fitted to the post. This can take a few months to complete as several fittings might be needed to ensure proper placement. Artificial teeth are attached to the implant to finish the process.

After you have obtained your new teeth with dental implants, Dr. Lozano will give you aftercare instructions. Patients need to maintain good oral hygiene habits and pay close attention to eating a proper diet. Patients also are required to see their dentist regularly to extend the longevity of their new implant. Full mouth series of digital x-rays are recommended and taken as need during routine recall appointments.


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*Valid on absence of gum disease. Not to be combined with any other offer. New Patients Only.
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First visit Exam & Cleanings

*Valid on absence of gum disease. Not to be combined with any other offer. New Patients Only.


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