Can You Have Multiple CEREC® Crowns Made at the Same Time?

Can You Have Multiple CEREC® Crowns Made at the Same Time?

CEREC dental crowns are lab-quality restorations made right here in our San Diego office. They are not sent to an off-site lab, similar to traditional crowns and bridges. Understanding how dental crowns are made and the process involved can help you expedite your dental care and minimize the time you spend scheduling dental visits!

What is a CEREC Crown Made Of?

CEREC dental crowns are made from a solid block of ceramic that is carved to fit your unique bite. Our 3D CAD/CAM imaging technology works similar to 3D digital printing. Only instead of printing a dental crown, your restoration is carved out of a solid block of ceramic material.

Because of the carving (“milling”) process, there is some time involved in crafting each restoration. Typically, our San Diego dentists will coordinate your treatment so that one tooth can be treated while the other tooth’s dental crown is being created in the next room.

To make a CEREC crown, Dr. Lozano will digitally scan your prepped tooth. This virtual “impression” is processed in our treatment software, where we digitally design the shape of your new restoration. Next, we use a color-matching tool to select the appropriate shade of ceramic. The ceramic block is then loaded into the milling machine and the crown is carved while you wait.

Can We Make Several Crowns on the Same Day?

Yes. It is possible for our Rancho Bernardo patients to have more than one CEREC crown designed and fitted on the same day. However, each dental crown will need to be milled separately. Since that’s the case, Dr. Lozano may recommend combining several treatments into one visit or even performing the entire restorative process under sedation. Most of our patients enjoy the fact that they can complete their treatments in one visit instead of making multiple different appointments.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be possible to place several or dozens of in-house crowns on the same day. Dr. Lozano will review your unique treatment plan with you to determine the best plan of action. If you only need a couple of crowns on the same day, CEREC treatment is definitely an option you’ll want to consider. We utilize advanced technology to make this happen and some dentists in San Diego may not have the same resources that we do in our Rancho Bernardo dental clinic.

Why Dental Crowns are Needed

Full-coverage dental crowns provide extra reinforcement for teeth that are weak, severely decayed, worn-down, or broken. Dr. Lozano also uses crowns on top of dental implants for single tooth replacement. If you’ve recently had root canal treatment, a crown will also be recommended to protect that tooth.

Benefits of CEREC vs. Lab-Made Crowns

Because most dental crowns are created in a lab, they require a two-step process to fit, design, and place them in your mouth. This adds to the overall treatment time and usually involves two separate appointments at least a couple of weeks apart. Should the lab-made restoration need to be changed or significantly adjusted, an additional visit will be required.

As you can see, the advantages of a CEREC same-day crown are significantly beneficial. When you have a same-day crown created at our dental office in Rancho Bernardo, we’re able to assure a perfect fit and permanent placement on the same day. There’s no waiting, extra trips to the office, or need to wear a temporary crown while the permanent one is being made.

Restorative Dentistry Rancho Bernardo

How long do CEREC crowns last? Just as long as traditional hand-made dental crowns. By taking proper care of your restoration, it can last for several years. Our San Diego dentist recommends wearing a nightguard when you sleep to help prevent any wear to your new CEREC crown or other restorations.

To learn more about CEREC same day restorative dentistry (Rancho Bernardo) call RB Dental Excellence today!

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