Wisdom Tooth Pain and Treatment

Wisdom Tooth Pain and Treatment

Have you ever wondered, “Why does wisdom tooth pain come and go?” Most teens and young adults experiencing wisdom tooth pain typically notice that it often flares up, dies down, and then repeats the process days or weeks later.

At a certain point, the wisdom tooth pain doesn’t come and go anymore. It just comes and tends to stay there.

Causes of Wisdom Tooth Pain

There are several different reasons why someone may feel pain coming from their wisdom teeth. Here are just some of the most common ones:

Impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can easily become wedged inside of the jaw or angled in the wrong direction. But that doesn’t keep them from growing or developing. As they continue to take up space, they press into the mouth, jaws, or adjacent teeth. This can lead to significant pain that comes and goes at random times. In fact, wisdom teeth may not be fully developed until you’re almost 30 years old. 

Infection. Because of their location, wisdom teeth are at a high risk of infection. Especially if they partially erupt, where a small amount is visible above the gums. When that happens, food and plaque can become wedged down under the gum tissues and around those molars. In time, cavities and periodontal disease will develop, which can also spread into adjacent teeth. Tooth pain coming from your wisdom teeth is sometimes an indication of a major infection beginning to develop. 

Cysts around the wisdom tooth. All developing teeth have an “eruption cyst” around them. Normally, these cysts go away on their own as the tooth erupts. But sometimes, they can become atypical and enlarged. When that happens, it takes over the space around them and may contribute to some of the discomfort that you’re experiencing. 

Lack of space. The pressure that your wisdom teeth create can push the teeth around them out of alignment. All of this crowding can cause discomfort in and of itself. You’ll also probably notice the teeth starting to shift or overlap one another, particularly at the very front of your smile. If you previously completed orthodontic treatment, you may want to talk to Dr. Lozano about having your wisdom teeth removed before complications arise. Especially if we can already tell that there’s inadequate space by looking at your current dental X-rays.

The tooth “cutting through” your gums. Remember how babies get fussy when they’re teething? “Cutting” your third molars isn’t any fun, either. It’s normal for the gums to be quite sore while your molars work their way into the mouth. They may feel swollen, itchy, or like you need to rub on them to ease the irritation. Just like teething infants, it’s ok to take Motrin or have something cool to chew on to help take the edge off.

Wisdom Tooth Pain Home Remedies

The best remedy for painful wisdom teeth is to have them removed because the causes of wisdom tooth pain don’t improve on their own. But if you need to buy some time before you see our Rancho Bernardo dentist, you can:

  • Rinse with warm salt water
  • Take Motrin (ibuprofen) as directed
  • Apply a cool compress on the side of your face
  • Be sure to keep your mouth clean

It’s important to schedule an exam at RB Dental Excellence to have your wisdom teeth evaluated. Even if the soreness is mild, it’s best to have the areas checked. That way Dr. Lozano can rule out anything serious.

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. But if yours are infected or impacted, removal is highly recommended. 

Schedule an Exam

If you have a teen with suspected wisdom teeth or you’re on your own and never had yours removed, it’s best to go ahead and schedule an exam to rule out anything too serious. A simple full-mouth X-ray is usually all we need to see what’s going on in those areas.

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