Want a picture-perfect smile this summer?

Want a picture-perfect smile this summer?

Whether you’re flashing a smile at your niece’s wedding ceremony or getting your photo taken with your high school graduates, having a beautiful smile this summer is incredibly important. Special occasions call for photos, so achieving a bright and attractive smile is key. Dr. Robert Lozano and his team at RB Dental Excellence is pleased to provide solutions for patients ready to achieve their picture-perfect smile with the help of a cosmetic dentist in Rancho Bernardo in California.

Tips for a picture-perfect smile

If you are looking to achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted this summer, now is the time to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Robert Lozano of RB Dental Excellence. Below are a few of the more common tips and recommendations made by our team for ensuring your smile is ready for the camera:

  • Consider teeth whitening in Rancho Bernardo. When asked what makes a smile beautiful, many of our patients will say white teeth. Dull, discolored, and stained teeth can be detrimental to one’s overall appearance. With professional-grade teeth whitening options such as those at RB Dental Excellence, patients can not only achieve a more beautiful smile but do so quickly and affordably. In-office and take-home whitening kits are available at our dental practice, allowing patients to enjoy same-day results or gradually whiten their teeth in the privacy of their own homes.
  • Composite bonding for correcting imperfections. If you have teeth near the front of the smile that are decayed or chipped, composite resin bonding might be a great solution. This material is used to address the cosmetic imperfectness of the smile as well as fill areas of tooth decay. Composite resin bonding is also used to address spaces between the front teeth. This material is placed and cured during the same appointment, offering a fast fix for imperfections in the smile. With proper care, many patients can keep their resin restorations for several years before requiring replacement.
  • Cover problem areas with porcelain veneers. In addition to composite resin bonding, Dr. Robert Lozano also offers porcelain veneers. Sometimes referred to as “dental veneers,” porcelain veneers are created as a thin shell that bonds onto the front of a tooth and covers specific areas of the smile that may be impacted by imperfections. These restorations are stain-resistant and can last a decade or longer as long as patients maintain good oral health and routine visits to their dentist.
  • Talk to our team about dental cleanings in Rancho Bernardo. Sometimes, a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums is all your smile needs to be more beautiful and attractive. Our dental hygienists perform prophylaxis for patients at every six-month recall appointment. During this time, the dental team can also look for signs of decay or disease that may have a negative impact on the smile’s health and appearance.
  • Straighten misaligned teeth. Whether you have gaps between the front of your teeth or turned teeth that impact the smile’s appearance, orthodontic treatment might be the way to go. Instead of undergoing traditional orthodontia with metal brackets and wires, patients love to use an alternative available called ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect is a special tray alignment process that helps patients realign the teeth and dental bite in a more discreet manner with the use of clear aligner trays.

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If you reside in the area of San Diego, California and want to work with a dentist who is committed to year-round beautiful smiles, connect with Dr. Robert Lozano and his team to schedule a consultation visit and initial examination. The office is located at 16959 Bernando Center Drive, Suite #103 and accepts new patients who call for an appointment at (858) 485-0707.

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