Questions About Invisalign That Nobody Ever Thinks to Ask

Questions About Invisalign That Nobody Ever Thinks to Ask

Do you find yourself avoiding the conversation about a properly aligned smile with your dentist? Do you fear that traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces are your only hope for better alignment of the teeth? Do you have questions about alternative treatments that can help you in attaining your dream smile with ease?

If this sounds like you, it may be time to speak to an Invisalign dentist. Rancho Bernardo area dentist Dr. Robert Lozano of RB Dental Excellence is excited to offer Invisalign, an alternative to conventional metal braces. Below are just a few of the most common questions about Invisalign that nobody ever thinks to ask their dentist!

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign eliminates the need for patients to be referred to an orthodontist for realignment of the smile. The process is managed by a dentist who has training and experience in managing Invisalign treatment cases. Instead of having brackets glued to the surface of the teeth and connected with wires to achieve results, Invisalign works by using customized, clear trays that snap over the dental arch. These trays are made into a series patients work through over the course of several months, switching trays every two weeks to gently push teeth into their desired positions. With each swap, patients are one step closer to a more attractive smile!

How are the trays made?

Invisalign trays are fabricated of professional-grade clear plastic from 3D digital images of the patient’s current smile alignment. The Invisalign laboratory fabricates a set of trays that patients will progress through during treatment. Patients need to wear each tray for two weeks, at least 20 hours a day, before moving forward. By the time patients reach their last tray, their final results are almost complete!

Does Invisalign protect the smile’s health?

In a way, yes! Invisalign trays are removable, which means that patients can take them out when they eat and drink. They are also removed for brushing and flossing, just as patients do each day. Without worrying about metal brackets and wires, patients brush and floss as they usually do, ensuring better oral health during the treatment when compared with conventional orthodontia. Most patients will avoid the development of periodontal disease and cavities while undergoing Invisalign in Rancho Bernardo.

How important is compliance with treatment?

Because Invisalign relies on patients to switch out the trays as directed, compliance is key to ensuring the desired results. Dr. Robert Lozano stresses with patients the importance of wearing the trays as often as possible. If patients do not follow the steps needed to realign the smile, they may experience added delays and costs to create additional trays for correction. Patients can avoid this with proper compliance.

Am I a candidate for Invisalign?

Finding out about Invisalign can be exciting for patients looking to avoid traditional braces, but it’s not for everyone. The best candidates for Invisalign are individuals dealing with mild to moderate misalignment of the natural dental arch. Patients may have crooked, turned, or spaced teeth that impact the function and appearance of their smile. During an evaluation at RB Dental Excellence, our dental team will determine if Invisalign is appropriate for you!

When can I start?

The team at RB Dental Excellence is proud to offer Invisalign treatment for new and established patients considering straightening their teeth. If you are looking for a dentist in Rancho Bernardo, CA who provides evaluations for Invisalign as well as treatment, it is time to connect with Dr. Robert Lozano and his team by calling (858) 485-0707. He is ready to help educate patients on the advantages of Invisalign and guide them through the process for a straighter, more attractive smile. RB Dental Excellence is conveniently located at 16959 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite #103 in San Diego, California.

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