Don’t miss Prenatal Care with our Dentist During your Pregnancy

Don’t miss Prenatal Care with our Dentist During your Pregnancy

Prenatal care is essential for the health of both the mother and the baby. It is recommended that women visit their doctor or midwife regularly during their pregnancy. But what many women don’t realize is the importance of dental visits as well–especially during this exciting time. At RB Dental Excellence, Dr. Robert Lozano and his team in San Diego, CA will often talk to pregnant women about what to expect with dental care during pregnancy and how to maintain overall health from the first trimester to the last!

How often should I see a dentist during my pregnancy?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that pregnant women see a dentist by the second trimester. This is because pregnant women are more susceptible to oral health problems, such as gingivitis and tooth decay. Pregnancy can also cause changes in the mouth, such as an increase in saliva flow and a change in the taste of food. By obtaining regular dental care during this time, it can alleviate any oral health problems that may arise and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Dental cleanings in Rancho Bernardo

San Diego area women who are pregnant and need a dental checkup and cleaning will want to connect with the team at RB Dental Excellence. During a cleaning, the teeth are also evaluated to ensure no signs of periodontal disease or tooth decay. Periodontal disease can occur during pregnancy due to changes in hormone levels. These changes can significantly increase the risk of inflammation in the mouth, contributing to serious problems.

What happens if pregnant women develop periodontal disease?

If pregnant women develop periodontal disease, it can lead to several health problems for both the mother and the baby. Periodontal disease can cause a woman to lose her teeth, and if left untreated, it can also lead to preterm labor and low birth weight babies. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to get regular dental care and keep their teeth and gums healthy. This involves regular dental cleanings and checkups with Dr. Robert Lozano and his team during the entire pregnancy.

What can I do at home to reduce my risk of cavities and periodontal disease?

Taking good care of the smile has to be done each day, regardless of whether or not a patient is pregnant. Dr. Robert Lozano will often educate patients on ways to protect the smile from infection and decay. Below are some of his common recommendations:

  • Brush the teeth after every meal using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a quality fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss at least once a day to remove food that can become stuck between teeth.
  • Visit the dentist in Rancho Bernardo at least every six months for a cleaning and evaluation, more often if you have certain dental conditions that require further monitoring.
  • Call the dentist as soon as you notice changes in your smile, including swollen gums, pain, or injury to the mouth.

When you are proactive about your oral health and wellness, you can rest easy knowing that you are taking the necessary steps to achieve and maintain a healthy smile throughout your lifetime. We build lasting relationships with our patients to help guide them through their journey to beautiful and healthy teeth and gums for life!

How do I learn more about dental care during pregnancy?

We understand that pregnancy can be an exciting and scary time for many women, but this journey doesn’t have to impact one’s oral health. We welcome pregnant women to visit our office at 16959 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite #103, to undergo an initial evaluation and monitor oral health during all three trimesters. Call (858) 485-0707 to request an appointment at our San Diego, CA area practice today!

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